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And do you rent a room/window or work in a club? If so, the room/window owner or operator must ensure that you have safe and healthy working conditions. The operator is responsible for several aspects. We have set out the most important things below so that you know what to expect from the room/window owner or operator.

These working conditions(‘ARBO’ rules) have been drawn up by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment.

Emergency situations

You can quickly leave your workplace via a clearly marked emergency exit.

There are fire extinguishers available.

Facilities at the workplace

There is a separate room where you can take a break.

There is a separate room where you can change.

You can safely store your valuables.

There are enough toilets.

There is a sink and a shower.

Workplace facilities are clean.

Working conditions

You can work in a pleasant temperature.

The room is not draughty or damp.

There is enough fresh air.

There is enough light.


You can adjust your work when you are pregnant.

You have access to enough condoms.

You are permitted to go to the municipal health service (GGD) for a test whenever you wish.

Your medical records are confidential. You never have to give them to the room/window owner or operator.

Agression and violence

You can quickly call for help, for instance by an emergency button.

You feel safe and properly treated.

Is there something wrong?

It is vital for you to speak up! If you have a good relationship with the room lessor or operator, you can contact him or her. If this is not the case, you can turn to a social service provider for sex workers in your neighbourhood.
Click here for addresses.
For urgent assistance, call 112 immediately. You may call 112 if your life or the life of someone else is in immediate danger. Or if you witness a crime.

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